2014 Election

2014 Election

The 2014 municipal election was held on October 27, 2014.  There were five seats available and eleven candidates were running for the offices of Mayor or Councillor.

2014 Election Results

The table below presents the 2014 election results.  Follow the links to consult or download a PDF version of the candidates' financial statements.

Candidate Office Result Financial Statement
 Bériault, Tanya Councillor Defeated  Bériault Tanya - Financial Statement 2014
 Charron, Anik Councillor Elected  Charron Anik - Financial Statement 2014
 Cléroux, Marcel Councillor Elected  Cléroux Marcel - Financial Statement 2014
 Desjardins, Michel Councillor Elected  Desjardins Michel - Financial Statement 2014
Lafleur, Daniel  Mayor Defeated  Lafleur Daniel - Financial Statement 2014
 Lamadeleine, Conrad Mayor Elected  Lamadeleine Conrad - Financial Statement 2014
 Leblanc, Francyn Mayor Defeated  Leblanc Francyn - Financial Statement 2014
 Levac, Claude Mayor Defeated  Levac Claude - Financial Statement 2014
 Levac, Raymond Councillor Defeated  Levac Raymond - Financial Statement 2014
 Millette, Karine Councillor Defeated  Millette Karine - Financial Statement 2014
 Renaud, Denis Councillor Elected  Renaud Denis - Financial Statment 2014

Passing of Elected Councillor Denis Renaud

Councillor Denis Renaud died in February 2016.  On March 8, 2016, in accordance with the amended version of the Municipal Act, 2001, Council declared Mr. Renaud's office vacant and discussed the options for filling the vacancy.  Council decided to fill the vacancy by appointing a person who has consented to accept the office if appointed.

Council sought expressions of interest and curriculum vitae from interested individuals and later invited four candidates for an interview.  Mr. Daniel Lafleur was appointed during the April 12, 2016 meeting and sworn in on April 26, 2016.